PlandemicMovie Video Banned from YouTube

The following video keeps getting taken down by social media platforms. It was published as a “vignette” of the original upcoming movie from the site . It discusses discrepancies in the current “Pandemic” and the conflicts of interest of the current controllers of the epidemic dynamics. The focus of the video is Judy Mikovits PHD who claims to have been falsely accused of criminal activity in her attempts to expose the increasing conflict of Pharma vs people and the actors in that crises.

This movie is to be taken as an opinion in that the facts have not been fully documented in the feature. Feel free to follow up, on your own, to seek out information to support or deny the claims.

The fact that YouTube continuously is banning this video for “Community Guideline” violations is not clear in that it is informative and does not appear to be in clear violation. YouTube will ban what it thinks you do not have the right to know or content that is in conflict with it’s own personal beliefs.

The content of this article is the opinion of the original author and is not intended as advice or instigation in any manner. In an evaluation of an video, or audio interaction there may always be unknown factors or extenuating circumstances that affect the action of the participants. If anyone reading this has other input or knowledge, please share so that a near unbiased opinion can be presented.

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