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The following links are YouTube Channels that deal with civil rights issues such as audits, government accountability, etc. Linking to this content does not imply agreement or recommendation of their total content. Following these links is at your own discretion with no liability by

SiteDescriptionLogo or Graphic
HonorYourOath Civil Rights InvestigationsCivil Rights Investigator, First Amendment Auditor, Second Amendment Auditor. An original Civil Rights Auditor. Very professional and effective. Mainly in the Florida and Southeast area
Long Island AuditExercising our First Amendment rights in a respectful manner. We will not allow our rights to be violated. We will follow up. We are striving for real transparency and accountability from our public officials. Very Professional and knowledgeable.
Bay Area TransparencySan Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Investigative journalism regarding political matters, police misconduct issues, police reform, prison system/rehabilitation issues, recidivism, and peaceful first amendment auditing.
Auditing BritainBased in the United Kingdom Professional, intelligent and humorous auditor. Has a skill of turning the authorities inquiries back on themselves.
Charles VeitchGreat Britain based, mainly Manchester. A different sort of auditor. Recently more focused on urban environments and sociology. Interesting content.
Press NH NowWelcome to my channel where we hold everyone in our government accountable under our first amendment rights to free Press. New Hampshire based. Very direct knowledgeable and precise in manner.
Amagansett PressFirst and Second ammendment auditor. Traveling through the United States. Knowledgeable, professional and precise.

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