This post is inspired by the YouTube Video from HighImpact TV regarding Psychological Operations. This gives an overview of how military based psychological tactics are being used on Americans and citizens of other countries to push the govenment agenda on an unsuspecting population.

The video is embedded below.

The link to the description of Psychological Operations is

Born from the counterpropaganda and resistance efforts of World War I, modern-day Psychological Operations Soldiers use the power of influence to shape the global security environment and achieve United States national security goals.

As the Department of Defense’s primary influence capability, members of the Psychological Operations Regiment support commanders, U.S. ambassadors, allies, and other governmental agencies.

PSYOP Soldiers typically operate in small, autonomous teams or with other Special Operations forces to develop relationships with a country’s civilian population, government figures and military and law enforcement agencies.

Experts in their field, they specialize in unconventional capabilities, cultural expertise, language proficiency, military deception and advanced communications techniques encompassing all forms of media.

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