Officer to be TERMINATED for Upholding his Oath to the People!

In a previous post Officer Greg Officer G. Anderson deplored his fellow Officers to stop violating the rights of the people in following un-constitutional orders from their superiors or governmental bodies.

Officer Anderson has been placed on Administrative Leave for not removing his YouTube Video, being told, “If you can not follow the Governors Orders, you can not be a Police Officer.”

You may support this officer at:
Go Fund Me Link:

The Officer explains his situation on his instagram page at:

The following is the video contained on his instagram posting:

Please feel free to express your right to petition government for redress of grievances to the governmental officials at:

Port of Seattle Police Department Main Phone: (206) 787-3490
Seattle State Governor Jay Inslee (360)-902-4111
Port of Seattle General Number (206) 787-3000​

Port of Seattle Commissioners:
Stephanie Bowman – – (206) 787-3034
Ryan Calkins – – 206) 787-3034
Sam Cho – – (206) 787-3000
Fred Felleman – – (206) 787-3034
Peter Steinbrueck – – (206) 787-3034

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